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Next Generation TOL 行蹤保 2019

Wait & Hide, WnH

The TOL Wait & Hide, WnH is an online tool used to lower your fuel cost and reduce your maintenance expenses. The WnH service automatically reports vehicle engine idle time and location. As such, management can arrange job schedule and monitor driver behavior effectively. Online and real time alerts and records are available. From our experience, the WnH service guarantees to save approximately 10 to 20% fuel expenses per month if used effectively.

  1. save fuel by reducing unnecessary idling time
  2. save maintenance cost
  3. save environment and health

Feature highlights:
  1. daily report shows driver "wait" or "idling" behavior by minutes and hours
  2. highlight vehicle idling black spots
  3. print "wait" ticket to driver with map
  4. weekly report with analysis in percentile with number of trip
  5. 10 waiting range to show severity of idling
  6. Fuel saving calculator

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