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Next Generation TOL 行蹤保 2019

Scheduler, SCH

Scheduler is semi automatic job planner that helps to reduce the amount of time and manpower required to prepare the tedious daily delivery schedule. Meanwhile, it would increase customer satisfaction while expanding your business operations.

  1. reduce operation cost
  2. increase customer satisfaction
  3. improve fleet performance
  4. raise employee job satisfaction
  5. solve operational problems

Feature highlights:
  1. automatic matching of job orders to delivery vehicles
  2. generate work sheet for daily job delivery for each delivery team
  3. online report to show the job status ie, late, on time, cancel
  4. capture actual time of arrival, departure, stay duration & mileage to compare with estimates
  5. weekly statistics report to measure fleet performance
  6. store all data in central database for ease of access & review
  7. upload delivery list in excel format
  8. download reports in excel format

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