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Next Generation TOL 行蹤保 2019

Speed Analytical Tools, SAT

SAT is a set of 7x24 all time speed monitoring tools and reports to prevent car accidents before they occur. SAT not only save life but also reduce insurance expenses. The SAT is designed with preventive measure of the driver's safety on the road by closely monitor the speeding behavior of the vehicle up to every second, 24 hours a day. Automatic speeding alerts as well we auto reminder are available to management team.

  1. prevent accidents
  2. protect your drivers and property
  3. save insurance cost

Feature highlights:
  1. daily report to show speeding behavior of the driver
  2. weekly summary report with speeding counts
  3. can generate speeding ticket/record to driver with map
  4. 10 speeding ranges with speeding counts
  5. percentile analysis verses mileage, number of trip and on/off time
  6. selectable speeding limits
  7. real time email /SMS alert
  8. email and download speeding reports

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