Westel is a Hong Kong GPS Tracking Online TOL your GPS fleet management service provider with worldwide roaming service including finder for people, goods, cars, and any intended targets. We also offer GPS tracking applications, vehicle fleet management software, MDVR mobile digital recorder, field workforce management, logistics solutions and location based LBS service, for GPS Hong Kong SAR.
Next Generation TOL 行蹤保 2019

Offline Management, OLM

The Offline Management, OLM service automatically reports your real time operations via email. SMS and email are used as alerts for any critical events by time and location and press of the call button. The OM is operating 7x24 giving you a "Peace of Mind" on your operational duties and let you relax and focus your attention to your crucial business matters.

  1. manage your mobile resources by exception
  2. safeguard your mobile asset
  3. automate daily reports generation
Feature highlights:
  1. highlight problem area by severity levels
  2. weekly KPI reports with summary of resources utilization
  3. daily and weekly resources utilization reports showing peak periods
  4. report congested traffic location & time
  5. summarize location of mobile resources
  6. attendance control
  7. overtime measures
  8. capture maintenance time
  9. SAT to monitor driver speeding behavior via email in real time
  10. Park & Move to watch vehicle security and send alert via email or SMS
  11. CheckPoint to automate fleet operations by location of many check points using email alerts
  12. Auto Mail to send travel report via email
  13. Auto Mail to send EngOff alert via email
  14. Auto Mail to send GPSOff alert via email

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