Westel is a Hong Kong GPS Tracking Online TOL your GPS fleet management service provider with worldwide roaming service including finder for people, goods, cars, and any intended targets. We also offer GPS tracking applications, vehicle fleet management software, MDVR mobile digital recorder, field workforce management, logistics solutions and location based LBS service, for GPS Hong Kong SAR.
Next Generation TOL 行蹤保 2019

Mobile Tracker MT1

The Mobile Tracker MT-1 from WesTel is a vehicle tracking and communication device utilizing the advanced technologies available in the market today to provide an "end to end" mobile fleet management solution. The MT-1 is capable of capturing location and motion data of the mobile every second. The MT-1 becomes a powerful intelligent data mining analytical tool that can be integrated to any fleet management applications.
Key Features

  1. Automatic positioning device with wireless data communications
  2. Built in GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver for location data logging
  3. Built in GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) modem for wireless data communications
  4. Automatic GPRS reconnection for "always on" tracking
  5. Over the Air programmable for location update
  6. Remote alarm monitoring
  7. Data store and forward function during GPRS outage
  8. IP centric interface with central servers
  9. Multiple I/O & serial interfaces for data collection
  10. Component selection: GPS with USA receiver engine and GPRS with Euro modem engine
  11. Rugged anodized aluminum die casting housing

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