Westel is a Hong Kong GPS Tracking Online TOL your GPS fleet management service provider with worldwide roaming service including finder for people, goods, cars, and any intended targets. We also offer GPS tracking applications, vehicle fleet management software, MDVR mobile digital recorder, field workforce management, logistics solutions and location based LBS service, for GPS Hong Kong SAR.
Next Generation TOL 行蹤保 2019

GPS Fleet Management

GPS fleet management software is a full suite of online services to automate vehicle fleet management and streamline daily operations. The primary objectives of the GPS fleet software is to:-

1) Prevent accidents
2) Save fuel expenses
3) Automate monitoring and dispatching operations

This off-the-shelf suite of software modules is targeted to small enterprises and large-scale corporations with a fleet of vehicles.

Key Features:

  1. Easy to use Google interface or sophisticated Java applet software
  2. Real time display digital map with location, speed, mileage and direction of travel
  3. Additional online information such as wait time, hide time and Satellite information for analysis
  4. Speed Radar display to show real time speeding behavior with color alerts
  5. Gas Saver panel to show long idling engines
  6. Real time traffic information broadcast
  7. History Replay tools for detailed en route data analysis
  8. Text and graphical reports for management control
  9. Per second location data update capability, fast, accurate and reliable
  10. Compact design for vehicle installation, light weight and ease of use
  11. Optional functions are available from our TOL App Store

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