Westel is a Hong Kong GPS Tracking Online TOL your GPS fleet management service provider with worldwide roaming service including finder for people, goods, cars, and any intended targets. We also offer GPS tracking applications, vehicle fleet management software, MDVR mobile digital recorder, field workforce management, logistics solutions and location based LBS service, for GPS Hong Kong SAR.
Next Generation TOL 行蹤保 2019

PT2 Portable GPS Tracker

The PT2 GPS Portable Tracker is a multi-function homing device that can be used for personal tracking for hiker, child, pet, elderly or disable, site survey for industrial contractors, vehicle fleet management for transportation companies, mobile asset control, safety monitoring for mobile workers, security watch for private cars and more.

The PT2 mobile device utilizes the latest GPS and GSM cell ID technologies to provide ubiquitous tracking function for both indoor and outdoor environments. PT2 is working in conjunction with Tracking OnLine TOL software platform providing a vast variety of location based applications LBS, hence, achieving the goal of "Always On, Anytime & Everywhere"
Key Features

  1. 3rd Gen GPS and GSM Cell ID location technologies provide coverage for both Indoor & Outdoor operations
  2. All in One compact size, light weight cell phone like with internal antenna & rechargeable Li-Ion polymer battery
  3. Call button for emergency service
  4. Auto location update
  5. Instant Search function
  6. Analytical text and graphical reports for usage & vehicle speeding controls
  7. Alerts via email or SMS
  8. Geofence auto alarm & scheduling capability
  9. Google map interface with roaming function
  10. Custom Software development
  11. Smart view

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